Why unite Hindus?

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As a diverse group of people with sects, castes and cults that outnumber those of any other religion on the planet, the Hindus face a compelling challenge of finding unity. 

Hinduism is rooted in total tolerance for diversity as Hindus are taught early on in their life that they should have regard for every individual’s unique path to the same ultimate destination that all are headed towards–that may be called Rama, Krishna, Allah, Isa, Holy Spirit or by any name that human mind can give for God.  

If someone is a fanatic Hindu–and has assimilated this tolerance towards all paths–no one should feel threatened by such a fanatic just like how there is no need to be insecure in the presence of someone fanatic about doing good to others. Hinduism embraces all. It is interested in harnessing one’s connect with God–it doesn’t mind whether that connection is achieved by following a specific path for it considers no path superior to others.  

India offers a glimmer of hope to a world torn asunder by the violence of terrorism, exploitation, inequality, and racism. This is because Hindu tolerance, gushing through its arteries and veins, is ever reinforced by the belief in the oneness of God-centered in its heart. 

For this unique message of tolerance of Hinduism to reverberate around the world, having within itself precious seeds of universal brotherhood and peace, Hindus should stand united, particularly in the face of principle-less politics that seeks to divide them. 

United India can revive and send a strong message to the world that human race can find the foundations of universal peace, harmony and brotherhood in the tenets of Hinduism. However, the path of light requires love to accomplish such a mission. It demands that victory is won by goodness, by having truth and righteousness as the most potent weapons. 

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