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“I’m an academic on a mission to democratise capitalism and create prosperity for all using technology and innovation. Together as ONE, we can make a difference.

Dr Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada


Dr Jagannadha Pawan is an award-winning business economist specialising in interdisciplinary entrepreneurship and strategy research. He is currently working as an Associate Professor at the Southampton Business School where he also serves as the Deputy Director for Impact and Collaboration at the ESRC South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership. He is a co-founder of iPowerz, the global digital ecosystem for fast-tracking microentrepreneurship and small businesses growth. 

He has a PhD from the University of Goettingen and the Max Planck Institute for Economics. For his doctoral thesis on entrepreneurship in developing countries, he was awarded the Otto Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society and the Inaugural Best Dissertation Award of the Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics (DRUID).

Dr Pawan is an alumnus Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and Narendrapur Rama Krishna Mission, two revered Indian institutions founded on the ancient Advaita philosophy. He is a Universalist committed to advancing the cause of societal wellbeing through his endeavours, and is a founding trustee of the Indian Cultural Association of Dorset, a registered charity in the UK. 


iPowerz is a world stage for everyone to share their creative ideas, entrepreneurial projects, or their nation building aspirations to find partners or get support from financiers, professionals and other supportive individuals from around the world.

In every human heart, there is a spark of creativity that can, given a chance, lighten the world around it. Very often, however, this spark remains buried deep within, unable to express itself, ignored, and forgotten.

iPowerz is founded with a vision to foster this potential inherent in every human heart, and accelerate global progress into economic prosperity by ensuring that every individual has an opportunity to succeed by realizing his innermost creative potential.

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