Research Areas: Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Sustainable Business, SDGs, and Emerging Economies

Valuing maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health for societal progress – Going beyond the economic orthodoxy of gross domestic product

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Adopting new technology is a distant dream? Risks of Industry 4.0 technology adoption in small and medium-scale enterprises in an emerging economy

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Education, social identity and self-employment over time: Evidence from a developing country

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From entrepreneurship to leadership

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My mother-in-law doesn’t Like it: Resources, social norms, and entrepreneurial intentions of women in an emerging economy

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Evaluating mentorship-based learning in entrepreneurship education

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Religion and Risk Taking: Evidence from Islam

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Enhanced Green View Index

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Generalised trust and relation centrism for corruption as perceived by firms

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Perceived Selective Incivility and Relational Trust for BAME SMEs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Corporations want to profit from the world’s problems – here’s how they can solve them instead

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Microentrepreneurship in a developing country: Evidence for public policy

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Black and minority ethnic businesses need support to weather the pandemic

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Going green dramatically benefits businesses – it should be central to their coronavirus recovery strategy

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Which green matters for whom? Greening and firm performance across age and size distribution of firms

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Professor David Audretsch: My doktorvater

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Indian election: Modi win delivered thanks to faith in economic growth pledges. 

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Comparing entrepreneurial climates of Germany and India: More similarities than differences?

In “Sustaining Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: Lessons in Policy and Industry Innovations from Germany and India”

Sustaining entrepreneurship and economic growth

Lessons in Policy and Industry Innovations from Germany and India