To make a difference, be the ICC Champion you are!

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To make a difference in the world, there is a simple secret:

Be the ICC Champion you are!

Initiate: Proactively initiate something. Start-up! Initiate something and let others be inspired to join your initiative. This can be as humble as starting a conversation on health and well-being at workplace or something as grand as initiating a process that can lead to the next Google! Whatever that be: ‘Initiate’

There will be temptations to disappear after taking the initiative. Don’t give in. Transition to the next stage–Create!

Create:  Let that initiative lead to the creation of something new, something that is original, something created by you! This can be the creation of a new club, a virtual site, a physical space or anything that takes your initiative forward. Whatever it be: ‘Create’. 

Let the processes of ‘initiate’ and ‘create’ not serve your interests alone. Through them–‘Contribute’

Contribute: Ensure that your initiatives and creations contribute positively to the world around. This positive impact will make you a legend. The moment your focus shifts to the contributions you can make, you will begin making a difference!

From Edison to Gandhi, Picasso to Gates, and Yunus to Rowling, ICC pulsates through their life stories. The world has marvelled at these ICC Champions. But it is not just them who can be so.

By initiating, creating, and contributing, you too can be amongst the select who make a difference in this world: The ICC Champions!

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