The True Glory of Bharat

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A relentless pursuit of truth has led Bharateeyas to the quintessence of all wisdom, and it consists of a great secret–the secret to immortality. No country on the planet, howsoever great it’s scientific or secular achievements are, can match this accomplishment of Bharateeyas. In this, lies the true glory of Bharat.

Western civilization has made great strides in understanding prakriti (nature). Its technological advancements have given access to physical and material comforts. While novel scientific discoveries and innovations kept the western mind constantly occupied, its mass production models led to an accumulation of wealth and newly minted consumption societies. Here, the pursuit of truth translated to getting a perfect grip on nature and natural processes. 

However, while the truth is changeless, prakriti (nature) is ever-changing and constantly evolving. In it, creation, sustenance and destruction appear cyclical with everything subject to appearance and disappearance in the flow of time.

This made Bharateeyas look for the truth elsewhere–in realms that are beyond the grasp of physical senses. In these realms, hidden deep within the human mind, they made great strides in experiencing the truth, and it set them free. Their psycho-analytical excursions brought them face to face with something stunning – the changeless truth – within themselves as the indweller (the I). They found that the absolute truth is this indweller who exists same in everyone and everything as illumination and bliss. 

This made them emphatically declare– “deho devalaya proktoh jeevo devah sanatana” –that every physical body is a temple and the indweller (the I) in it is the ancient one, the creator Himself. In the venerable Naryana Suktam, the ancient rishis exactly locate the physical area near the human heart where this indweller (the I) resides. They found that merging all identities of oneself with this indweller is the secret to immortality, for that indweller changelessly exists forever as illumination and bliss. 

Bharateeyas who have made this phenomenal advancement in experiencing the truth, and the Hindu religion that has this sublime wisdom as its roots, have made an unparalleled contribution to humanity. It is time we acknowledge, appreciate, assimilate, and experience this timeless wisdom. The glory of Bharat is eternally intact as seekers of the truth will be endless on the planet.

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