The FLAG bearers of Life

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Some choose to be FLAG bearers of life. Life conspires with them to advance the well-being of all. Holding them in its lap, life allows them to discover the greatest sources of fulfilment by making them one with itself. To them, it reveals its greatest secrets. 

Who are these FLAG bearers? What is the FLAG they bear? These are individuals who tenaciously hold on to four values:

Faith: In themselves, their guru, God, their innate goodness, or anything that they believe will always stand by them. 

Love: For all, friends and foes alike considering both expressions of life.

Awareness: That the entire cosmos has an underlying unity, that life binds all that is there, and act with a spirit of service to that unity.

Gratitude: For everything that life gives, for the experience of being alive, and for the opportunity to expand and become One with all life.

These FLAG bearers are blessed indeed for life itself seeks their embrace. The fullness of life overflows from their being. 

Surprisingly, isn’t this where all religions and scriptures of the world converge – in their aim to make their followers the FLAG bearers of life?

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