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Publications and Presentations

“Religion and Risk Taking: Evidence from Islam”, forthcoming, 2022
Adopting new technology is a distant dream? Risks of Industry 4.0 technology adoption in small and medium-scale enterprises in an emerging economy“, forthcoming 2022
Education, social identity and self-employment over time: Evidence from a developing country“, forthcoming 2022
“The Irrationality of Rationality in Market Economics: A Paradox of Incentives Perspective”, forthcoming, 2022
“My mother-in-law doesn’t Like it: Resources, social norms, and entrepreneurial intentions of women in an emerging economy”, forthcoming, 2022
“From Entrepreneurship to Leadership”, forthcoming, 2022
“Evaluating mentorship-based learning in entrepreneurship education”, forthcoming, 2022
Generalised trust and relation centrism for corruption as perceived by firms”, AoM Best Paper Proceedings, 2022
“Enhanced Green View Index”, forthcoming, 2022
Perceived Selective Incivility and Relational Trust for BAME SMEs during the COVID-19 Pandemic, AOM Proceedings, 2022

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